5 Best Android apps for Personal safety: [Women]

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Women safetyFor everyone there is always someone who you look for in need of help. It can your friends, family or relatives. Have you ever felt alone while you’re walking on street, walking to your car, travelling in a cab or taxi, going to meet a stranger, or even when you’re in a bad situation like, need for medical attention or lying on road with injuries after accident?

Then here are 5 Android apps that makes you feel together and safe. Let’s make smart use of our smartphones that we daily carry and stay in touch and keep our family and children safe.


1. Vith U

An emergency app that sends continuous messages to your loved ones every 2 minutes by pressing the power button twice.

Other Features:

  • Sends links of your location every 2 minutes.
  • Sends feeds on Security tips.


Vith U screenshot

2. Life360

GPS enabled family locator app, accurately tracks location of your family and friends on a private map.

Other features:

  • Gets alerts when your family member reaches destination.
  • Group chatting.
  • Track lost or stolen phone.


Life360 screenshot

3. Nirbhaya

Nirbhaya (Hindi word) meaning: Fearless, is an emergency SOS app. In emergency, typing a message or making a call is time taking task. By pressing the power button 3-4 time will trigger the SOS message to all members of the group.

Others features:

  • Sends the link of your location on the map.
  • Shake to send alerts.
  • Heat Map: shows safe and unsafe areas in that location.


Nirbhaya app screehshot

4. SOS

Safety app which can send alert by shaking your phone. You can customize your shake limit.

Other features:

  • Sends alerts of location, battery level and recorded audio clip.
  • GPS tracking.


SOS app screenshot

5. Sentinel Personal Security SOS

Smart SOS app can even trigger alerts automatically when the phone is forced power off and when there is signal loss.

Other features:

  • Phone call to friends and family on sending alert.
  • Email with location tracking
  • Live tracking via website


Sentinel personal safety screenshot

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