Your Gmail has two email addresses [Gmail Tips]

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TIP  1

Do you know that your Gmail account has TWO email addresses? One is your regular email like and second is

That means when you sign up for a Gmail account you are getting TWO email addresses. Emails sent to anyone of them will be dropped in your Gmail inbox. You can use one for friends and another address for official use.


TIP  2

Manage your Gmail account using Gmail Plus. By adding a ‘+’ sign between your ‘<my-name/ID>’ and ‘’ like in, or The names website, alias-name and newsletter are three Gmail aliases used along with your Gmail ID with + sign, which will deliver messages to your same inbox. You can add any word after your Gmail ID with ‘Plus’ sign in between.

This Gmail alias can be handy when you are signing up on some website or subscribing for a newsletter. You just use alias name related to the website or newsletter in your Gmail address and then filter it in your Gmail settings with that alias name and give it some color. In this way you can know from where you are receiving the emails or who is spamming your account.


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TIP  3

Gmail has introduced Inbox which makes your emailing more simple and more organized. This new Android app from Gmail as got features like grouping emails in bundles based on categories like Promos, Purchases, Travel or create your own bundle. It will highlight important mails like order details, flight status, reservation status or any attachments in the email. You can also put reminders and snooze your to-do emails.

Inbox is made available through invites only. You can request your invite from  OR send email to

Once you get the invitation you can download the app and you will be able to send invites to your friends from the app.

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