How to Manage your Passwords using Chrome Password Manager

November 4, 2014 More

Save passwords using chrome

Most of us use Google Chrome for faster browsing, it can also manage your passwords using one of its built in tools called Password Manager. Instead going else ware to save your password OR going back to some third-party app to save your password, you make use of the Chrome’s built-in feature.


Tip – For this you need to be logged into your Google chrome with your Gmail account. Whenever you sign-up for new account or try logging into some website Google Password Manager will prompt you to save it in Google Password Manager. This is safe because you are saving it on your Google/Gmail account.


Today’s cloud technology it’s much of internet and too many passwords you have to manage. Chrome’s Password Manager will come handy whenever you forget password.


How to check your saved Password

Click on Chrome setting Settings > scroll down and click Show advanced settings.. > Under Passwords and forms click Manage Passwords

You can find all your saved Password.

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