How to stop Candy crush saga notifications

July 7, 2014 More

You might be annoyed by seeing Candy crush notifications even though you not playing it! How to turn off these Candy Crush Saga notifications?

The reason behind is, they send request to ‘All Friends’ instead of ‘Candy Friends’. That is why you get requests and notification from Candy Crush from your friends even though you are not playing it.

Candy Crush screenshot

If you are already plying this game and you want to block the notification from Settings > Notifications > App requests and activity > uncheck the box for Candy Crush. (You will not find this Candy crush option if you are not playing it). Follow the same steps to stop notifications from any other Facebook app.

The easy step for those who are Not playing Candy Crush – just do this

Candy crush notification

Click on the ‘X’ sign

Candy crush notification

Candy crush notification

Stop Candy crush notification

You are done and Candy Crush will stop notifications.

Even if you are playing and want to stop notifications from Candy Crush or any other apps, simply follow the above steps.

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