How To Escape from WhatsApp’s blue ticks

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WhatsApp’s blue ticks

WhatsApp added a new update by sending the “Blue ticks” as a conformation status to the sender stating that the message is read. You all might be knowing about the single and double gray ticks after your messages..? For those who might don’t know, let me bring it.

Avoid whatsapp blue tick

To able to see the blue tick status you and the sender should have the updated version of WhatsApp.

Now this update has a mixed reactions among the users. Some say this can create controversies which can affect their relationships. Some say this a best alternative for “Last Seen” feature in WhatsApp.

Tips to avoid WhatsApp Blue ticks

For those who are thinking how to escape from this. Here are couple of tips that may work for you– You can avoid sending the blue tick status to your friend and also read the message.

Tip 1

Once you receive the message pull the notification bar and tap on your friends message, it will expand and show you the message that he as send to you with opening it.

Android users can read up to four to five lines but for iPhone it works for just single line.


Tip 2

Best way to read messages without opening  – Just create a new full size Widget area desktop and add full length WhatsApp widget. This way you can read all messages sent by your friends. Images, videos and voice message don’t display here.

iPhone users don’t have this option.

Whatsapp screenshot 2


Tip to know who all read your message in a Group.

  1. Tap and hold on the message you have sent
  2. Tap on the icon whatsapp icon info
  3. It opens Message Info screen that will tell you who have read / Seen the message.


whatsapp screenshot


Please do share if you have any tips that worked for you.


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