5 Useful tips and tricks for WhatsApp

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Whatsapp Tips & Tricks

1. How to Hide ‘Last seen’ timestamp

Whenever you come on WhatsApp, by default it will show ‘Last seen’ timestamp to your friends. For some privacy reasons, some of you may not want your friends know your last seem timestamp. You can disable this feature.

Android Users : Go to settings > Account > Privacy > tap on Last seen > choose Nobody.

iOS Users : Settings > Chat Settings > Advanced > Turn Off Last seen Timestamp.


2. Backup and Restore your WhatsApp conversations

WhatsApp automatically backups up your conversations and stores it in SD memory card daily at 4 AM. You can find the backup for last 7 days (under sdcard/WhatsApp/Databases).

For manual backup –

Android Users : Settings > Chat Settings > Backup Conversations.

iOS Users : Settings > Chat Settings > Chat Backup.

If you want to save your complete chat conversation of a friend, just tap and hold on the chat (your friend’s name) OR open your friends chat, go to SettingsMore > Email Conversation. You can choose Attach media if you want to also include images and videos. This will send the entire chat to your registered email.

What if you accidentally delete your WhatsApp chat? WhatsApp doesn’t provide the option of restoring. Not a problem, you can still restore it back.

Here is what you have to do – Uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp, after installing, you get a prompt “Would you like to restore your messages history from backup” > Choose Restore to restore all your chats. You get your deleted chat.


3. Stop WhatsApp media files from appearing in your Gallery

Some of you may not like WhatsApp images or videos to show up in your phone Gallery. Sometimes it can be too much of junk images in your Gallery. OR you may have some private photos which you don’t want them to show in Gallery.

Android Users:

  • We need a File Manager app such as ES File Explorer.
  • You need to create a file named “.nomedia” inside WhatsApp images or videos folder by clicking on the ‘+ New’ on lower left corner in ES File Explorer.

iOS User:  Settings > Privacy > Photos and turn off WhatsApp.


4. Lock your WhatsApp

If you’ve got some private messages or chats, and you don’t want your friends or family member view them. You can lock your WhatsApp with some apps like Messenger and Chat Lock or AppLock to set a password.


5. Get WhatsApp notifications on Desktop

Do you like getting notified on your Desktop, whenever you get a new message on WhatsApp? Then download Pushbullet app and then install Chrome extension or Firefox extension to get notifications on your desktop. This app has lot other features.

Pushbullet pop-up












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